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Ace 350
Graphic Target ID


Garrett Ace 350 Graphic Target ID Metal Detector
Instruction Manual
2 Year Limited Warranty
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Optimized for maximum detection depth on small relics and coin-sized targets.
  • DD configuration provides greater detection depth and performance by significantly reducing the negative effects of heavily mineralized ground and saltwater interference.
  • Long, narrow detection field provides excellent scanning coverage and target separation ability, as compared to conventional coils.
  • Garrett exclusive: blunted tip and tail design further extended coil's total scan area and offers improved searching along obstacles (walls,fencing,etc).
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution allows more precise control over how much discrimination to apply. Use to separate good treasure targets from adjacent iron trash.
  • Higher Frequency* offers improved ability to detect small, conductive targets. (such as small gold nuggets). *Compared to ACE 250/150


* Powerful, large 8.5"x11" PROformance DD search coil
* Enhanced Iron Resolution allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good target from adjacent junk iron.
* Higher Frequency - offers improved ability to detect small conductive targets (small coins, nuggets)
* Volume control headphones - Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow headphones are included with ACE 350
* Electronic Pinpointing to speed target recovery
* Accept/Reject Discrimination to modify discrimination patterns
* Five Search Modes: select pre-set discrimination patterns or create your own
* Continuous Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth
* Battery Condition Indicator shows battery life continually
* Interchangeable ACE series search coils are available
* Pushbutton Controls with One-Touch operations

* Target ID Cursor Segments - 12
* Iron Discrimination Segments - 4
* Accept/Reject Discrimination - YES
* Search Modes - 5
* Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments - 8
* Electronic Pinpointing - YES
* Frequency - 8.25 kHz
* Audio Tone ID Levels - 3
* Standard Search coil - 8.5"x11" DD PROformance
* Length (Adjustable) - 42" to 51" (1.06m-1.29m)
* Total Weight - 2.8Ibs. (1.27 kgs.)
* Batteries - 4 AA (included)
* Warranty - 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor