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Garrett-Treasure hunting for fun/profit - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-Find gold with detector - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-Ghost town Treasure - NEW! 9.95

Garrett-New modern detectors - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Real gold in those golden years - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-How to find sunken treasure - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Gold of the Americas - NEW! 12.95
Garrett New successful coin hunting - NEW! 9.95
Garrett Treasure recovery from sand to sea - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Gold Panning is easy - NEW! 9.95
Mastering the Minelab Explorer/Sabisch 14.95
Advanced Water Techniques/Sabisch 9.95
Treasure Hunting with Minelab's Vol2/Sabisch 10.95
Treas Hunting with Minelab #1/Sabisch 9.95


Treas Laws of the US 18.95

B-200 New Successful Coin Hunting $ 9.95
B-201 Modern Metal Detectors 12.95
B-210 "New" Gold Panning is Easy 9.95
B-212 Gold-Gold 12.95
B-215 Treasure on Chesapeake Bay 9.95
B-218 Coin Shooting III "NEW" 8.95

B-224 Buried Treasure You Can Find By: Robert F. Marx $14.95
B-225 Th'ing In/Around/Under Water 12.00
B-226 Treasure Rocovery-Sand&Sea 12.95
B-240 Sunken Treasure/How to Find It 9.95
B-241 Missing Nez Perce Gold 4.95
B-242 Find More Treasure W/Metal Det. 1.00
B-246 Coin & Relic Dredging 9.95
B-255 Treasure From British Waters 7.95
B-256 Successful Nugget Hunting 15.00
B-262 S CA Butterfield TH Guide 8.95

B-263 Metal Detecting for Treasure 8.00
B-264 Treasure Laws of the US 18.95
B-268 Deep Treasure Cache With Gemini 7.00
B-269 New Guide to Th'ing/Carson 13.00
B-272 The Detectors/How to Guide

B-273 Relic Hunter By Ed Fedory 9.95
B-274 Real Gold (in Golden Years) 9.95
B-275 Spectrun (XLT) Secrets #3 9.95

B-277 Adv. Water Working Techniques 9.95

B-280 Indian Arrowheads/Overstreet 24.00
B-281 Overstreet's Ring Guide 14.95
B-286 Coin Hunting in Depth 12.95
B-287 Taking a Close Look at DISC 8.95
B-288 Ghost Towns/Ruins-Riches 9.95
B-290 Search of the Civil War 10.95
B-291 You Can Find Gold W/M Det 9.95

B-293 World of the Relic Hunter By: Ed Fedory $14.95

B-294 Finding Gold Nuggets II 9.95
B-295 Researching Ghost Towns 5.95

B-302 Treasure Atlas #7-NM NY NC ND OH 15.95

B-306 Tips for the Treasure Hunter 7.95

B-309 Dust in the Wind/Guide 19.95
B310 Civil War Price Guide 25.00
B-311 Albert's Button Book/Hardback 39.95

B-313 Beach Bank/Treas Teller 9.95

B-314 Divers Guide to Sunken Treasure 13.00
B-315 Gold of Americas/J Marx 9.95
B-316 Tokens/The Gay Nineties 12.95
B-317 Tokens & Metals by Alpert 19.95
B-319 Working the Surf W/Fisher 8.00

B-321 Treasure Hunting with Minelab #1 9.95
B-322 US Uniform Buttons 1776-1865 60.00
B-323 Treasure Hunting with Minelab #2 10.95
B-324 Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun 13.00

B-325 XLT Field Methods & Custom Programs 9.95
B-326 The New Metal Detecting The Hobby 9.95
B-327 Mastering the Explorer XS 14.95

B-329 2001 North American Coin Price Guide 16.95

B-330 US Tokens 1700-1900 49.95
B-331 Search in Homes & Yards 10.95
B-332 Relic Hunting A-Z 14.95
B-333 Civil War Projectiles II 39.95
B-334 Follow The Signs 19.95

B-336 Competitive Treasure Hunt 9.95
B-339 Metal Detecting For Beginners 12.95


Treas of Mexico/Adventure 9.95
Silent Past/Outlaw Treasure 9.95
Sand/Sea - Indian Ocean 9.95
Gold Panning is Easy 9.95
Weekend Prospecting 9.95

Treasure Visions/Utah 9.95

Hurricane Treasure 24.95


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